Six years ago an European gentleman came to us with an exotic idea. His research shows the best place for hemp growth is the place of origin with over 4000 years of hemp history. He wanted to pursuit a particular extract “CBD” for that we’ve never heard of.  Hours of conversation we were fully convinced by this gentleman persuasion.


The place is YUNNAN in southwest China. The Chinese call this region the land above the clouds for its pristine nature unspoiled by beauty. This splendid region has given the world many first Puerh Tea, Chinese cognac of tea’s was the first free trade commodity amongst various cultures. Puerh Teas were transported in hemp sacks on the first tea horse road over 1000 years ago. Rice terraces an Unesco designated world heritage site. Yuan yang hani rice terraces are engineering marvels that demonstrate mankind’s respect and admiration for natural Mosuo tribe is one of few things the almighty got it right. It’s traditions are modern day women’s fantasies. Place the women wears the trousers and make all the decision. Men exited for two reasons. For women’s pleasure and sperm donation like they should be.


Bags packed we traveled to the hemp heartland and started work with local farmers. It was the most difficult year of our lives. The hemp crops produce low yield of CBD 50% and high levels of THC 0.43%.It wasn’t just the low-yield crop that discouraged us. More so we had ad hoc extraction equipment best fitted for apothecary’s basement. In the darkest days Robert collier bite-size philosophy gave us inspiration “success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”.


Second year we decided to custom our own ethanol machines for the sole purpose of extracting the purest CBD. Hundreds of lab tests with our used agilent HPLC 1100 the results were getting close to 95% pure with THC at 0.3% or less. Following year we installed super critical CO2 and distillate machines as they are able to extract not only CBD but all the active cannabinoids and terpenes. Fast forward to 2018 our third party test result show 99.9% pure cannabindiol surpassing the most stringent medical and research standards. This is the moment we knew the key to green gold is wide open.


Hemprino  didn’t rest on its laurels. We consistently improve our processes resulted in industry leading full spectrum oil, broad spectrum oil, distillate oil with potency all above 90%


We have dedicated teams of specialists who can custom your own unique blends starting from the point of hemp harvest. CBD-SELECT allows our clients to specify exact cannabinoids dosages. Our green gold oil is trimmed flowers and leaves 15-30 days before harvest. Our 24k Golden oil is prepared flower and leaves at harvest and our rose gold oil is left in the field for extra is days to soak up the sunlight.


Our goal is the pursuit of highest grade of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes without THC. Contribute to a world of organics without synthetics and chemicals. Our calling is to make our forebears who gave us puerh tea, rice terraces, tea-horse road and the mosuo tribe proud.


Contact us now you will be surprised that we don’t need huge quantities. We understand all customers start small.


Special thanks to yunnan agriculture ministry for its relentless efforts to improve our CBD potency.


We are the only company to plant latest 2019 Gen 8 a medical grade hemp cultivars in China with highest CBD yields.


Thank you for your attention.

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